Vichy Normaderm BeautifyAnti-Blemish50ml

Vichy Normaderm BeautifyAnti-Blemish50ml

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Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care is the day cream for acne prone skin. Because not only teenagers face the acne problem but also the adult. The product’s created with anti-blemish active ingredient together with Air Licium and Phe Resorcinol which is the effective action on mark and shine. Day after day blemishes appear reduced leaving your skin looking radiant and beautiful.


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Apply daily on clean and dry skin. Avoid the eyes contour area


The anti-blemish active ingredient complex. Salicylic + LHA is enriched with a new technology Air Licium + Phe Resorcinol for effective action on mark and shine.

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Allergen Free Paraben Free


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