Vichy Mineral89 Eyes Serum 15ml

Vichy Mineral89 Eyes Serum 15ml

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Product for eyes contour with 89% Vichy Mineralizing Water from French volcano enriched with 15 essential minerals. Strengthening skin barrier together with natural hyaluron which helps lock up moisture into the skin for less wrinkles and pure caffeine for the brighter eyes.

Results : Stronger skin barrier at eyes countour by preventing from moisture loss and help deep nourishing. Reveal less wrinkles and smoother skin by hydrating upto 24 hours. Visibly less dark circles and brighter eyes contour.


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Apply 1 drop onto the clean eyes contour every morning and evening. Suitable for every skin type even sensitive skin.


1. 89% Concentrated Vichy mineralizing water
2. Natural Hyaluronic acid
3. Pure caffeine
* Perfume free
* Alcohol free
* Paraben free