Mega We Care Lecithin 1200mg 30 Capsules

Mega We Care Lecithin 1200mg 30 Capsules

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Mega We Care Lecithin Soybean Extract Dietary Supplement Product Do not go through the bleaching process. Therefore safe for the body when used for a long term Manufactured according to drug standards Confidence in the content of important substances And safety from contaminants
It has been certified by various organizations including GMP of Thailand, BfArm of Germany, and TGA of Australia. Provides 180 mg phosphatidylcholine to nourish the brain, enhance memory, nourish the liver by lecithin. It has the effect of helping to accelerate the metabolism of fat in the liver and help reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood as well.

Lecithin in the right size should be eaten as follows.
– Should take 1,200-3,600 milligrams of lecithin per day to enhance memory. Prevent dementia, nourish the liver.
– Should take 3,600-7,200 milligrams of lecithin a day to reduce fat, cholesterol. Prevent cerebrovascular disease and ischemic heart disease



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Method of use

1. Take lecithin to increase brain function 1-3 capsules/day with meals
2. Nourish the liver, enhance liver function 1-3 capsules/day with food
3. Reduce blood fat levels and Prevent arteriosclerosis 4-6 capsules/day with food.


Lecithin 1200 milligrams provides 180 milligrams phosphatidylcholine.